The Naropa Fellowship is a one-year, fully-residential, post-graduate, academic programme focused on creating and nurturing agents of change who will work towards fostering an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and growth while preserving the cultural heritage of Ladakh and the Himalayan region. The driving purpose behind the Naropa Fellowship is the urgent need to not only retain local talent, but also develop entrepreneurial skills that can help foster a robust socio- economic environment in Ladakh and the Himalayan regions. Additionally, there is also a need to educate the younger generation regarding the importance of maintaining their distinctive culture and heritage. The Fellowship is thus designed to address the rising challenges of unemployment, lack of training and professional skills, and gradual cultural erosion in Ladakhi and the Himalayan societies. The campus for the Naropa Fellowship Programme will be located at Hemis, Ladakh. The residential building for Naropa Fellows will be at Hemis, Ladakh in the Naropa campus. It is a well-equipped, secure living space that will be provided to Fellows on a twin-sharing basis, equipped with ACs/heaters and geysers, and with meals provided three times a day.
Naropa Fellows will experience an enriching year, form life-long relationships and professional networks, immense future prospects and also be awarded a post graduate certificate of completion in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

The Fellowship will be open to students and working professionals from all fields, with a preference for those from Ladakh and the Himalayan regions across India, Nepal and Bhutan. Students/working professionals from elsewhere, interested in ecological issues, cultural preservation, entrepreneurship, travel and tourism are also eligible. The Founding Class of the Naropa Fellowship will have 50 Fellows.

The eligibility criteria to apply for the Naropa Fellows are:

1. A recognized undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any discipline.
2. A strong academic record and extra-curricular engagement.

A demonstrable sense of purpose, and commitment towards working for the upliftment of Ladakh and the Himalayan region.

The Naropa Fellowship Programme is a one year, full-time, residential postgraduate programme .It is a lifetime of commitment to improving lives of indigenous Himalayan communities.

You may register your application to the Fellowship in two ways:

On the website

  • Register on the website
  • Sign up and complete the application form
  • Submit the application form and enclosed documents online
  • Appear for an interview with the Naropa team Via Post
  • Download and complete the application form
  • Mail the application form and documents to the address provided Appear for an interview with the Naropa team
If applying on the website, upload all documents with the online application. If applying via post, attach photocopies of the documents with the printed application form.
The status of applications will be communicated to you individually, via e-mail, as soon as the evaluation process is completed by the panel.
Yes, you may re-apply for the Fellowship for an academic year in the future. However, a fresh application must be submitted in this case.
Shortlisted candidates for the Naropa Fellowship will be interviewed in Hemis, Leh, New Delhi or via Skype/Phone.
The Naropa Fellowship Programme will equip its Fellows with the skills and tools needed to successfully promote business and enterprise, and to improve lives of the communities they belong to. Fellows will be prepared to start their own new ventures or to play crucial roles in existing companies and not-for-profits. A career development team will offer holistic career support to the Fellows and assisting them in identifying opportunities in their area of ability.
The total fee for the Programme stands at INR 10 lakhs. For the founding year all Fellows will be awarded scholarships. The scholarship offered will cover full tuition as well as the food and lodging costs.
The decision to award the Naropa Scholarship to deserving candidates will be based on merit as well as financial need. This decision will be taken by the Naropa Scholarship Board. For the founding year, forty Fellows will be awarded this scholarship. The scholarship will also be available to international students on a needs-only basis.
Mentors will be recruited from a wide variety of fields and will be assigned based on academic or professional background, career aspirations and the project Fellows decide to work on during the fellowship.
Fellows at Naropa Fellowship will be working in teams on a real-life project, which will also be the basis of their overall programme evaluation. Given the rigorous nature of the programme, Fellows will not have time to pursue external internships or any other course of work and it is strongly discouraged.
Use the space provided in the form to submit detailed and descriptive responses about your various extra-curricular achievements and the lessons learnt through your professional stints, if relevant. Carefully draft your essays in the section called 'Additional Information', as they are very central to our selection criteria and allow us to understand you beyond your grades.
A referee is somebody the applicant has worked under, such as a teacher, an employer, a superior from their workplace or a mentor. The referee should know the applicant well, and be willing to answer questions regarding their candidature. Applicants should avoid mentioning their friends, peers or somebody they are related to as their referees. Our objective is to evaluate you beyond your academic credentials. We strongly recommend submitting detailed and carefully thought-through responses under this section.

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